Backflow Testing & Repair Services

Our Backflow Services

We pride ourselves as being quick to respond, thorough, and accurate at reporting our results.  All calls are given high priority and attention to make sure you do not have interruptions in your water supply.  Customer satisfaction is very important to us.  We are a state licensed testing and repair service for cross connection units.  This includes:  RPZ, Double Check Valves, and Pressure Valves.  We pride ourselves in repairing only what is necessary so that we can keep your cost as low as possible.


Backflow or Cross-Connection Control
Your water supplier has the task of making sure that all water is safe and free of pollutants. This task is assisted by installing backflow prevention units at every point in the system that could cause potential problems for the entire system.  Whichever unit you have, is designed to keep contaminated water out of the water supply.  This requirement was initiated in 1970 and revised in 1979, requiring that such units are installed and maintained on a yearly basis.  Depending on the level of possible contamination, is how the decision is made as to what type of unit is necessary for your application.


Backflow Devices

There are guidelines for the installation of cross-connection devices.  They may be installed inside a building or outside. Access to the units is necessary for servicing and testing the units.  We recommend that you keep from storing items in this area, even though it is very tempting to use this space.


Yearly Testing and Maintenance

In accordance with the cross connection policy of 1979, a yearly inspection of each unit is required by the state.  Each water supplier is required to keep a copy of these inspections on file.  In the event that a unit does not pass inspection, the water supplier may terminate access to that particular individual until the unit passes.